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Turtle Recall

Turtle Recall: lively, versatile, slightly eclectic DC pop | folk | rock. And man, do they rock. Like that McDonald’s-breakfast-available-24/7 kind of rock. Covering top 40, 90s, modern and classic rock, oldies, country, mashups, and doing it their own way. Did I mention a fiddle plays lead? Well I should. These cats are soulful too, you actually believe what they’re singing! They’ve been deemed the ‘best wedding band ever’ by many alleged experts (all sober, of course).

These shish kabobs have been fortunate enough to snag shows at The Howard Theatre, Shamrock Fest, Black Cat, Clarendon Grill, and the Nationals Bullpen.

Big whoop, right? What makes Turtle special, besides having one of the greatest band names of all time (according to @HometownSounds), is their range, musicality, and authenticity. They aren’t phoning it in — ever. They’re passionate, hungry, and like to challenge themselves musically. Turtle Recall stays current by keeping a finger (or webbed toe claw, I suppose) on the pulse of the pop, rock, and country charts, but isn’t afraid to let songs go when they’re radio beat-to-death, and certainly isn’t afraid to put their own spin on things. Sometimes The Beatles get the punk treatment, sometimes MGMT goes bluegrass. Sometimes Miley, Skee-Lo, and Little Big Town just work so damn well together.

But shut the front door, they have originals too? And they’re actually fairly decent? Wow, not many cover bands can say that. Trust me, I know - I’m a marine biologist. Well it’s true, they have a full-length LP and a cool little live EP, which I’m sure they’d love for you to check out on their website below. Turtle Recall’s original music has been described as guy on girl sing-song with a fast-casual feel, featuring playful harmonies and fiddle atop punk-inspired rhythms with a bogo chipotle coupon. So, whatever that means...you’ll probably love it.

Web Site: https://www.turtlerecallmusic.com