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DJ Sabeel Chohan (VIP DJ)

Sabeel Chohan is a native of Springfield, IL, is a self-taught artist who trained in the Netherlands on music production and DJ'ing since the summer of 2011.

Today, she brings a fresh musical taste to the nightlife / underground scene in clubs and events in and around the Mid-Atlantic area. Attending the many closing parties in Spain, she now brings a fresh Ibiza flavored style to DC. She has also been DJing for Victoria's Secret in the DC area since 2011.

Deep House / Techno and EDM is her #1 passion and specialty but has such a range and diversity that she's able to entrance the crowds with her sets.

"Music is the rhythm that every heart beats to and drives those heartfelt feelings we hold dear. The essence and capture of music is what guides the soul and coarse through my veins, steering me through life. It is this beautiful feeling that I want to reflect to the world. Some of the pioneers of Electronic Music, such as Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer and many more have had such a monumental effect on me to create epic music. It is the only language that the world relates to."

Web Site: http://www.sabeelchohan.com/